Bounce Back Up: Timeless Principles for Biblical Restoration


You just lost your job. A promising deal just fell through. You failed your exams for the third time. Your close relationships are threatened. Your life seems to be broken and shattered in many areas. Sound familiar?

If you have ever failed at something before or suffered a devastating loss; if life has thrown you a ‘curved ball’ and left you bewildered, then this book is written just for you.

This easy-to-read book will show you the way out of depression and hopelessness. It sets out a systematic way of recovery from disaster, using the biblical story of David’s experience at Ziklag as a template. The book employs life cases, “Bounce Back Icons”, statistics and wisdom sayings to illustrate its points. It is written for all those who have failed, or feared failure… for business or corporate executives who are really never prepared for failure, but inevitably will encounter it.

The beauty of this book is that it will help you to get back up from any kind of setback.

It is not over till you decide to stay down.


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